Why We Read the Not So Pretty Verses

Let’s have an honest moment, friends. How many of us love to read those Bible verses that are encouraging, uplifting, and soothing for the soul? We love to feel good and comfortable. But when it comes to the word of God that is instructive and maybe just a little bit intense and very pointed, we don’t like to read those words. Or is that just me? No. It can’t be. We like what we like, but no one likes to feel disciplined or convicted, Why is that?

Yet, I am reminded that God disciplines those he loves. And his word is our instruction for living a full, abundant, and prosperous life that is pleasing to him and often a benefit to those around us. I believe that when we follow his word, blessing comes – length of days, health, wellness, and shalom. If I live a life aligned to the word of God, I don’t have to worry about being out of order at any given time. God’s word is good. His word his life. All of his promises are good. Every line, jot, and tittle – it is life giving because God is the essence of all good things.

Who am I to argue with a God I cannot see who has created an order for the way things should be. It’s interesting to think about how we live in such troubling times, and I wonder what would happen if we just loved God, loved people, and obeyed his word. Follow his word because it’s life. When it gets under skin and won’t let you go, it’s time to take stock of our lives – to seek what God is doing in us so we don’t miss him. So I must ask myself if and how I’ve fought or rebelled against authority. God’s kindness leads me to repentance. I’m not saying be somebody’s door mat. I’m saying get still before God. Ask the Holy Spirit what He is saying to you.

Be encouraged friends. We know that obedience is better than sacrifice. God, help us to follow after you faithfully.

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