This Is Why I’m Not Your Holy Spirit

This Is Why I’m Not Your Holy Spirit

You’re not my Holy Spirit, and I am not your Holy Spirit. These are things I must remind myself when I see a world gone mad about trying to be the boss of other people. Nope!! I can’t dictate how your life should go, and you certainly can’t dictate mine.

Listen y’all.
You manage you.
I manage me.
You got boundaries.
I got boundaries.
Your conviction is not my obligation
My conviction is not your obligation.
My money and resources are mine to steward and not yours appropriate however you wish and vice versa. I cannot call you out for doing or not doing what I think you should or should not be doing with your resources.

We don’t run the world. So why do we insist on trying to make other people do what we think they should do and how we want it done? It is an exercise in futility. So let’s cut that out. I’ll start with me, and share my thoughts on what I’m going to do.

We’re all going to give account for what we did NOT what someone else did. So if I’m worrying about how someone else is or isn’t living, giving, helping, donating, supporting, loving, moving, donating, or doing then….I need to get over myself and work on me. I need to focus on my own life and whether or not I’m living out the Great Commission.

Perhaps the backlash (against people/churches) and vitriol seen on social media during Hurricane Harvey has made many of us question our authenticity, purpose, calling, and ways of living out the gospel. It’s made me question how much we damage the testimony of the Imago Dei in each of us. You my friend, you lean into God and what He’s called you to do. Maybe there will always be #nofilter naysayers. Let’s not play their game. Let’s not engage their folly. Leave them to Jesus and choose to love them anyway. Choose to show them compassion because maybe they have no clue how upsetting or harmful or disruptive or mean-spirited they’re being. Pray for them – that they might encounter the love of God. Also, let’s be real here, no one can control another person, nor are we responsible for their feelings and choices. We each have a responsibility to steward our lives, gifts, callings, and resources. You talk to Jesus about what that looks like for you. I can’t dictate that for you nor should I.

I have seen so much ugliness, condemnation, blaming, shaming and supposed “calling out” this week; and honestly it’s all shameful, tiring, and dishonoring. It just makes us all look bad especially if we’re followers of the Way. I’m done. I ain’t having it. I also wonder how these kinds of things grieve the heart of God – that we think we are judge, jury, and conviction because we say so supposedly in the names of our religions. God, have mercy, and set us right again. (I’m preaching to myself.)

I’m not your Holy Spirit and neither are you mine. None of us can dare presume what others should or should not do with their time, energy, or money. Nope. I’ll answer to Jesus for my behavior, my words, the stewardward of my money and resources, and my actions. He’ll judge me. And his judgment is good – as in – I can’t argue with His truth. So I’m choosing to follow His word and His way – to love my neighbors as I love myself. To put on love and love all anyway. To put off ugliness. To wear hope. To be a light. To point others to Him. To stay humble. To honor people no matter what. Yes! That’s His kingdom!!! Love. Peace. Joy.

You, on the other hand… well, you manage you. I’ll manage me. I’m not obligated to accept or live by your idea of how I should or should not live myself.

And to you who have ever been hurt, harmed, shamed, condemned, maligned, ridiculed, ostracized, or made to feel less then because you didn’t do something the way other people thought you should, I’m sorry. I am deeply saddened that it happened, and I pray you find hope and restoration. No one should ever make you feel less than just because you do life differently than them. You are loved. You are wanted. You belong.

We belong to each other. Now a good time to show it without words but with actions of love and compassion. Tell me your stories too. Let’s link arms and show up for one another.

Share your thoughts.