Noticing the Ease of Dreams

Have you ever noticed how your body feels the gentle movement on a plane when it’s making its descent? Your body flows with the curve of the turn. You sense the movement, but it does not bring alarm. You are simply aware that change is happening. Perhaps you’re also aware of the plunging feeling in your gut, a sting of nerves as your innards lurch. Life is like that too, but today I want to talk about easing into dreams.

I was thinking of this ease as I was landing into St. Louis headed for another flight to the East coast. I thought about shift and change. Why do we do the counterintuitive thing when it comes to change? It does come with force but with gentle invitation. The ease of shift carries us when we relax into it. It’s the fighting it that exhausts us, makes our stomachs lurch and turn. We find tension in our bodies and our hearts because we’re trying to control every single aspect of our own turning. But there is ease available to us, no striving, no forcing, just gently walking out who we are in the ordinary, everyday mundane.

Today, let’s ease into shift. Maybe you are experiencing the subtly of change. Lean in. Take a deep breath, and believe the curve will lead you to your runway. I think dreams are like that – carriers ushering us with calm, determined, and pointed force. Relax your iron-clad grip on life because it’s not out to get you. It wants you to partner with it. How much easier (sort of) it is to work from a place of grace rather than contention. Yes! Let’s do that. Notice the ease of your dreams because you don’t have to fight so hard all the time.

Ponder your dreams and deepest desires. Let them carry you into the fulfillment your purpose. Notice the soft bending in your life – those places where you feel buoyed. Allow the uncommon goodness to become your common grace. Even when turbulent storms come, a steady ease will strengthen your resolve. Think of it as getting rooted and grounded so that you cannot be moved or dislodged from your course. Ease into it knowing there is space enough for you to relax into it. Notice your body, your soul, your spirit and how they’re responding to how life is carrying you into your seasons. Shift is happening, and it’s a beautiful thing. Believe that!

Tell me your stories of ease. I’d love to hear them.


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