Only One Name Can Save Us Now – Passover

13. April 2017 Holy Week 0
Only One Name Can Save Us Now – Passover

Only one Name can save us. Jesus the Christ. On this Maundy Thursday, I’m reflecting on the power of grace in facing suffering and sacrifice. I’m holding space for Passover in my heart and amazed again that God loves us more than we can fathom. 

I cannot fully comprehend what Christ took in his flesh for me, but I feel the weight of it. A weight that lifts me from darkness to light. I think about how Jesus did not disengage Judas even though Judas betrayed him. He even called him friend in the night he was betrayed.

I think about Peter’s denial and how Christ still chose Him. Peter was crushed because he failed to be true. Me too, Peter, me too.

I think of how Christ must have felt knowing everyone disciple would flee the scene upon his arrest. And yet he loved them still. He lost no one.

Though Jesus was grieved beyond human comprehension, still He chose the cross. It makes no sense that a big God would subject himself to finite frailty of human existence. But He did. Why? Because love compelled him and he keeps His promises. He wanted us and made a way for restoration to happen – at His own expense. God did for us, through Christ what we could never do for ourselves. That’s good news!

Christ has come, taken the place of blame for us, and took in his flesh the penalty for our wrong doing. He became the way to redemption. Because of Jesus, we can be free and experience intimate connection with God the Father as He meant for it to be. We belong now.

Tomorrow is Good Friday, and all I can think of is the deep need for the solace of silence in His presence – reflecting on the magnitude of the cross. You see accusation and separation ended when Christ said, “It is finished.” Everything that once kept us from God has been destroyed. Jesus fought for us and won the battle. That’s good news! He is the Hope of nations. Christ is the final word.

Only one Name can save us now. It is the name of Jesus. All He asks is that you believe. May you experience and find the truth of his kindness on this coming Good Friday.

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