Our Collective Voices Rise in Hope

22. November 2016 Real Talk Tuesday 0

I’ve been practicing art daily for the month of November led by Leah Kolidas of Creative Every Day; it’s called Art Everyday Day Month . Check out her site and instagram. She’s creating soulful work. I love her invitation to create something daily. You start easy, but then you have to dig deep. You plumb what you think is the ceiling of what you can pull together for a work of art. Deep doesn’t come easy, and a blank art journal page can be as intimidating as a blank piece of writing paper. I am learning to be willing to explore ideas and new techniques even if they make me uncomfortable. And I’m growing because it it. But… real talk … It’s a challenge y’all, to show up and keep showing up, but isn’t that just like life? It demands our showing up. It inquires of us if we really mean what we say and say what we mean. It demands our actions and words align. It asks us to step up, show up, and live fully. 

Now more than ever, there is a call to show up in real life and not just in our online spaces. Our collective voices ringing hope, truth, justice, faith, and love are rising. It is rising to a fever pitch asking us to make space for a harmony from the dissonance that shakes us from our lazy slumber. It’s time to engage wholeheartedly. We must do what we be. Our being must reflects in our actions. This takes showing up and being steadfast. It takes being comfortable in your own skin and bravely stretching into all you’re called to be. 

As I created this found poetry page in my altered book, I pondered all these things. I have a deep hope that we will all link arms, hold faith, do good works, be for one another, and spread hope everywhere we go. No matter what happens nationally, change begins in you and me as we choose empathy and dignity toward one another – in our homes, in our families, in our workplaces, in our dealings in the ordinary everyday mundane – that includes where we wine, dine, shop, worship, give, and serve. Are we going to show up and be the gospel even when it means throwing off comfort? I hope so. I am undone by the work because it is weighty and so needed. Yet, I also know that God equips you and me to do this work of showing up with mercy, love, and grace. We are to be – rock steady and sure. 

As we see the beauty and inherent worth in one another, things change. People change. Hearts soften. Restoration takes shapes. We don’t need government or programs to be that for us. We are all catalysts for change that makes each of us more of who we’re divinely called to be. This is work, my friends – good and sacred work. Lean in. There are many opportunities for us to share hope, life, light, and love. Many of them are practical – serve at the place you worship, volunteer for a nonprofit, smile, treat service industry folks with high regard, tutor at a school, donate money to charitable organizations doing the most good, etc. – the possibilities are endless. 

Be the change maker. Be the difference maker. Be salt and light in a weary world. Be the catalyst igniting hope. The world is your neighbor, your street, your city, your store, your office, anywhere you have a tangible presence is your sphere of influence. That’s where the work really takes hold. Friends, let’s choose to see one another with new eyes and call out life and wholeness in love and truth. We were all made for more.

God is doing a good work in you and in me, and He invites us to join Him in the work. Let us not grow weary in well doing. May we raise our words, raise our hope, and elevate goodness everywhere we go. 

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