Owning It

You come to a dream with high hopes.  You’re ready to make it happen, see it come to fruition, and bask in the light of your success.  But wait!  You have to own it first.

I don’t mean owning the dream like it’s a hot commodity.  I meaning owning the dream because it is you, because it is your bent, because it is truly and authentically you.  Perhaps we “own” more than our fair share of that which wasn’t ever really ours.  I have done this on numerous occasions.  Today, I am pondering the process of pruning.

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Owning the dream speaks to the need to prune, cut back, rebuild hedges, pull weeds, to know where to plant, and to know where to water.  Maybe you’re there too.  It’s sometimes a solitary place to be in, but fear not.  You’re not alone.  I’m not alone.  We have a community within reach, and if you don’t, maybe it’s time to rethink the island strategy.

Last year, I joined a community of writers like no other – Story Sessions.  It was one of the better things that happened to my writing process.  It gave me voice, perspective, and ears to hear.  I was among giants of the blogosphere, and there were many days I wanted to give up the writing craft.  (Comparison is such a deadly dream-thief.)  BUT the women of this community were gracious, kind, and encouraged me to keep pursuing my unique voice.  It was a gift, and today I’m walking that out.  I’m owning it.


I am choosing myself.  I am choosing to work out these dreams God has birthed in my heart.  I’m showing up in faith.  I am pushing aside my fears and doubts.  I know there is work to be done, but I also know it will be a beautiful tapestry made from precious strands of heart and soul.

2 thoughts on “Owning It”

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    Stacey on October 5, 2014 Reply

    Love that about you SO very much. I have always seen you simply be you, and I’m so grateful you are reaching out to others in that way as well. In your way. 😀

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      Marvia on October 5, 2014 Reply

      Stacey, you encourage me. Thank you for sharing these words. Here’s to continual pursuit of simply being all He has called us to be. 😉

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