Affirming Truth in Prayer

I almost didn’t make this post tonight. Too much happening all at once and everywhere, but then I remember that prayer is not a last resort. It can and must be my first response when trials and adversity threaten to over take me. In this day 11 post of my #write31daysofaffirmation, I affirm that God’s word is true despite my circumstance. His promises still hold despite what my eyes may see. Tonight I affirm that God is with me in the darkness, and He will lead me to a safe place. I offer this compline prayer as affirmation for tonight. I pray you be encouraged, friends.


Lord, You Are Good

Lord of heaven and earth
You know all things
You see all things
You have witnessed my sorrow and my tears
You have heard my joyous laughter and heaving sighs
No matter what may come my way
I choose to say
You are good
You are good
Yes, You, are good

Though evil stands knocking at my door
Your goodness and light prevail
I will not be overtaken
As I walk through the
Valley of the shadow
I choose to say
You are good
You are good
Yes, You, are good

God I give you every burden that weighs
Heavily on my heart and mind
Be my Redeeming Defender and take away from me
The anchor of worry that assails my faith and hope you
For in you alone will I trust even in the darkest night
Still I will choose to say,
You are good
You are good
Yes, You, are good

God of heaven and earth
I appeal to you tonight
Come and rescue me
Plant my feet on solid rock
Let your love and grace wash over me
In the midnights hours as I sleep
Oh, Lord, come quickly
As I rely completely on You
And as I wait to see You move
I choose again and again to say
You are good
You are good
Yes, my God and King,
You are good.


Friends, I want to encourage you tonight to lean in and hold on to faith. Don’t you dare give up now. I don’t know when, nor do I know how, but I believe breakthrough is coming. Just hold faith, pray, and hold on to hope.


This is day 11 of my 31 Days of Affirmation. In this series I’ll affirm hope, faith, truth, and encouragement even when life is troubling. Particularly the series ponders what it means to hold on to those things that are good, right, noble, honorable, true, and lovely even when life isn’t so pretty. This means, at least for me, I need to engage and practice and activate my faith as I believe it bolsters my hope. I do this by affirming truth even in the storm. You can read all the series post here. I hope you’ll be encouraged.

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