The Creative Practice of Quiet

Recharge. Reset. Recalibrate. I like rest. It gives me energy in more ways than I can imagine. I don’t always listen to my body, mind, and heart when they ache for quiet space and retreat. Tonight, I’m listening. I choosing rest and quiet silence as creative practice. No doing, just being – and it is grace.

Sometimes quiet is hard. You want serenity but you keep carrying the vestiges of busy-time-wasters. It’s hard. We want to go and go and go, but that’s not how we thrive. It’s not how our creativity flourishes. Something about creating margin for stillness reinvigorates us. Let’s make that its own creative practice – a little bit of time set aside for the hush of wonder, the mental rest, and the renewal of our souls. These things are vital.

So often we push through life with such force, that we break our own boundaries for self care. Then we wonder why we’re exhausted, unmotivated, and ready to quit. Somewhere we ceased listening to our minds and bodies in our quest to do all the fun creative things. Those creative bursts aren’t wrong, but we don’t want to become so enslaved to them that we forget to rest, recharge, and ease into solace.

Today I encourage you to sit in the silence. Get comfortable with the undoing of your busyness. Live in the space of its discomfort, till you find your center again. Rise up refreshed and charged. This is what gives our creativity force the care it needs. It’s good heart and soul tending to practice the art of quiet. And maybe, just maybe, our stillness will you yield a flurry of ideas to keep us filled up. 

Tell me your stories of creative rest. I’d love to hear them. 

In the month of October, I’m participating in the #Write31Days challenge. I’m focusing creative practice in the ordinary, everyday mundane. Each day (or whenever I write) for the series I will post the link on my page for my #31DaysOfCreativePractice. Come along and read.

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