Real Talk

Welcome to the Real Talk Tuesdays – a place for us to Write the Real and Link Up. We’re so glad you’re here. In this space we want to hash out what it’s like to live out faith in the ordinary, everyday mundane. I wanted to write through my own process of dealing with dark nights of the soul, the way faith stretches me, and the times it seems my prayers hit the ceiling and don’t get to heaven. I wanted to make space for the messiness of living a bold life of faith even when all hell is breaking loose and the storms are raging.

Each month we’ll talk about issues that matter, like being real, real living, real authenticity, and unashamed faith in God. There is a place for you at the table.

Your voice will be heard here. We’re ready to hear your stories. We honor each voice here As always may our words be seasoned with salt and grace. May our words empower, encourage, lift up, inspire, and equip.