Reframing Rescue {A Photo A Day Invitation}

Some of us are crushed under the weight of winter. Some of us press our roots down deep, piercing and clutching the earth. We are here.  We still choose to bear fruit despite the pain and death of winter’s cold.  We choose to allow the beautiful unfolding to stretch us.

leafy life marvia davidson


Which one are you?  A flower wilting under the weight of “things” and barely breathing, or like to green leaves shooting upward refusing to back down?

You have a say in how you choose to live. You have the power within you to overcome. You can reframe rescue and live again with hope.  Doing 31 days of Photography with Esther Emery & Jennifer Upton.  There is so much beauty in the ordinary, everyday mundane.  Open your eyes, and you will see it.

Come join the reframe rescue. Perhaps you’ll rediscover just how beautiful you were and still are.

jennifer upton refram rescue

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