Remember the Dream?

02. February 2018 Uncategorized 0

An educator training isn’t the mostly likely place to have an epiphany that shocks your system back to normal, but that’s what happened to me recently. We were doing a demonstration activity after which we had a debriefing session. We were talking about goals, keeping your eye on the prize, and guarding that goal. It may not seem like much, but something the trainer said caught my soul and has been sticking with me.

When you have a dream, desire, or hope you go after it fiercely – at least I do, but then something happens and that dream or goal is in jeopardy of breaking or falling to the wayside. If we’re not careful we pick up on another phantom dream thinking it’s the one to pursue because it came with a an urgent tyranny. We’re wrong, not in a bad way, but in a – remember-the-main-thing kind of way. Remember the dream? That original dream or goal you had that you strongly believed would move your forward in to more of who you’re meant to be? That one dream is the one worth protecting, honoring, going to bat for, and setting healthy boundaries around. So the epiphany? Real talk ya’ll, I let it slip to near non-existence, and that saddens me, but it also encourages me to get back to it.

There is no shame in recognizing the shift within one’s self. There is no shame in realizing you’ve let the dream go. There’s not condemnation in seeing you’ve neglected the very thing you know you have to do because it affirms your life and purpose. If anything this shift is an invitation to begin again, to pick up, to renew, to restore, to redeem, and to fight the good fight to bring that dream to fruition. This is the epiphany – let nothing of all that life throws at you take precedence over the main thing you’ve been planning and working toward (of course this also depends on you, your priorities, and your responsibilities – so check yourself before you wreck yourself).

I can’t tell you any one simple strategy that will get you where you need to be. There are myriad books, podcasts, and digital resources available to help you. All I can tell you is that you and I each must find our way – a way that is feasible and sustainable. I can tell you some things I’m beginning to do or have been doing to reset my goals and dreams so that by December 2018 and exhale with gratitude the words, “I made it! I finally did what I never thought I would do. It was hard, but it was worth goal/soul tending.”

  • Write it – to remember who and Whose you are; to keep it top of mind
  • Clarify your goal then give write all the other pop-up goals so you can plan a way to deal with them so they don’t steal your time for your main-thing goal
  • Read personal development books and apply their message to your life
  • Do the next right thing to get to where you want to be – break the goal down into manageable chunks
  • Tell someone you trust about your endeavor and ask them to ask you about your progress
  • Don’t beat yourself if you miss a deadline for your goal. Just keep showing up, and give yourself grace

Tell me how you’re remember your dreams. I’d love to hear your stories.

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