Sit Down, and Shut Up {Five Minute Friday}

“Sit down, and shut up.”

Tell the goons to be silent. You know the ones? Those shrill, nagging voices in the background of your mind mocking your progress, your attempts, your endeavors, your rising up, or your purpose. All hell is bent on tearing you down and seeing to it that you do not live your best, divine nature. Go ahead. I’ll give you a minute. You can even borrow my words:”

“Silence! I do not give you permission to speak.”

This must become our anthem, our declaration, our way of speaking life. The goons don’t get to steal your dreams unless you let them. The storms cannot overtake you unless you let them. The naysayers have no say-so in you boldly living out your calling unless you let them. The onslaught of doubt, despair, and lies have not place in your momentum unless you let them. Get it?

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash


You have the power and ability to speak silence over the storm. You have been gifted all the tools you need for living an abundant life. It’s already in you. Tell the darkness to sit in silence. You are going to rise.

Rise up to the challenge.
Rise up in faith.
Rise up with hope.
Rise up armed with love that cannot be denied,
Rise into your holy calling that refuses to be thwarted.

Surround yourself with words of life, light, goodness, honor, compassion, grace, and kindness. Make no place; leave no room, not one inch nor one iota for the goons to take ground. You, my friend, were made to rise.

Now is the time to pick up your power – speak it into life. Walk with resilience and an attitude of overcoming. You can tell your storms to sit down in silence.

This is my Five Minute Friday writing, and the prompt is “silence.” I’m linking up with Kate Motaung and the #fmfparty family.

4 thoughts on “Sit Down, and Shut Up {Five Minute Friday}”

  • 1
    Katrina on November 13, 2017 Reply

    Powerful and needed today!!! Thank you!

    • 2
      Marvia on November 14, 2017 Reply

      Yes!! Love you sister! You are amazing!

  • 3
    Gayl on November 13, 2017 Reply

    Marvia, I love this! So empowering and freeing! Much love to you! Blessings and hugs! xoxo

    • 4
      Marvia on November 14, 2017 Reply

      Thank you Gayl!

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