Soul Stirrings

25. August 2014 Real Talk Tuesday 2

Be your whole self. It matters!

The signs around me have consistently foreshadowed this message from sermons, secret messages, and conversations on being and belonging to the Marquis that read “identity management.” I think the message is clear. I get it. Being authentic is sometimes hard work. How do you wade through the noise of the world yet maintain a solid focus? Pruning and self-knowing.

Maybe you’re not ready for that or maybe you wonder how. Perhaps you’re not even sure. I want to encourage you to be yourself. There’s only one of you in this world. I know it may seem uncomfortable, but when you are fully yourself, you fit like a glove. Lean into fully being yourself even if that means brushing up against someone else’s preconceived notions.

You have your own story to live out. Let’s learn to just be. The doing comes from the “be”-ing.

A challenge for you today for leaning into authenticity…

Consider the art collage below.
What does it evoke in you?

by Marvia Davidson
by Marvia Davidson

What is calling you to dream again? Write the whispers you hear in your soul. No self editing here…just dream storming. Let it be what it will be. Take a deep breath. Now, write.

Share (online or in real life) a story, a piece of art, a photo, an article, blog post, song, or something creative that expresses that whisper.

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2 thoughts on “Soul Stirrings”

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    Gayl S. Wright on August 27, 2014 Reply

    “You have your own story to live out. Let’s learn to just be. The doing comes from the “be”-ing.” Marvia I am always so encouraged by your words. You and other story sisters have really helped make me brave enough to think I just might be able to accomplish some of my dreams!

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