Speaking Up {Real Talk Tuesday}

Silence is not golden. Whoever told that lie needs a quick wake up call. Silence can be deafening, paralyzing, cryptic, painful, imprisoning, unrelenting, harmful, and etc. I think you get the picture. Though I believe there is a time and place to hold your words to yourself, I’ve come to realize the self-censuring isn’t always the best thing for me. For Real Talk Tuesday this week, we’re talking about speaking up.

This isn’t about permission to bare your soul and let the world have it, though you should know you don’t need permission to be your whole self or to speak truth in love. This is about saying what you need to say because you cannot bear to carry it around in your soul like and unspoken wish. You cannot bear the crowding weight of silence. It is like filling your mouth up with cotton balls and not being able to speak or breathe. Bearing the untold burdens of life can wear you down, or maybe that’s just me. Either way, it’s time we gave ourselves room to speak up. It’s time to broach those difficult topics and work our way through them.


For me it’s about listening to my heart and my mind and seeing where they agree and disagree. It’s about living more whole and integrated. It’s about noticing what I’m thinking and how those thoughts become attitudes that influence my behavior and actions. The older I get, the more I realize time is precious and not to be wasted on foolish things like standing back and letting life pass me by. It’s too short to live an incongruent life. It’s too short get caught up in politicizing, demeaning, shouting down, and shutting out what belongs or does not need to belong. Life is about speaking up, but it’s more than just using my voice. It’s allowing my purpose and passion to flow into all I say and do.

Sometimes that is hard for me – to live by just being and let the being become what I do, to wholly free. I get caught up in what others are doing that I sometimes forget to do my thing as only I can. I forget who I already am and what I can already do just because it doesn’t look, feel, or sound like anything else. What a trap to fall into! Maybe you’ve been there too. The struggle is real, but we can overcome


Speaking up gives me room to declare hope and truth over my life. It empowers me to be fearless, to own my story, and to acknowledge that it’s okay that I’m all me and not someone else. This world screams so much about coming to a place of popularity and doing things just right to be seen or to be heard. Quiet whispers and soft ways of being are just as intoxicating and attractive as those that are more overt and in your face. I’ve decided I’m done trying to be and do. I’m just going to be who I already am because who I already am I is more than enough. I’ve already been accepted, loved, and chosen.

I don’t have to seek out a worldly place to belong, to be seen, or to be heard. Instead I can do what comes from being fully aware of who and Whose I am – that’s the overflow. I don’t need to go searching for what the world needs as though I were it’s only answer. To me that idea is backward. I already have something to offer that will speak to someone somewhere in a unique way. The more I allow all my whole self to be expressed in the work I do, the more of an impact I can have, not that I’m after impact. I am after living authentic and in ways that let me encourage and equip others.


To be a benefit to this world in which I live, I have to be all me and do those things the Divine One has placed in my heart to do. They are good things too, and while they may not be popular, money makers, platform builders, or email conversions, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that I keep showing up, sowing good seed, doing good works, living out a life of truth, and speaking up in love.

Today I’m speaking up. I’ll keep speaking up. It’s time for me to be all me. It’s time for you to be all you. It’s time we allowed our lives to speak of who and Whose we are.

What do you need to speak up and out about? What truth do you need to declare over your life? Let’s quit being silent. Our voices matter, so put on your brave and tell your story.

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2 thoughts on “Speaking Up {Real Talk Tuesday}”

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    RJ Burroughs on May 18, 2016 Reply

    Love this! This is what God is calling me to do as I work through childhood and rape issues. One thing is that I avoided silence by sleeping with a fan on to avoid my thoughts. I also never slept in the dark. The trauma made me avoid my thoughts and the dark, but as I go through healing with a Christian counselor, I’m learning that it is in the silence and the dark that I hear God and I become most aware of my desperate need of all that is Jesus. I’m also learning that its true… “Sometimes you must go into the dark to show the light” (Furious Love) I have been silent my whole life about the truth of the abuse and rape. He’s saying that time is over. It’s time to take the ashes of my past and use it to tell other survivors that instead of telling the yuck of our story it can be instead to tell of Him. Brave is the word that keeps showing up on my journey! And here it is again with your post! I was a victim, now a survivor, brave through grace learning to be a thriver.
    #bravethroughgrace is my new blog.

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      Marvia on May 23, 2016 Reply

      RJ, Thank you, and brave grace be with you as your write your story. Your voice matters!

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