Surrender, and Live

27. January 2018 Affirming Fridays 0

Battles. Gut wrenching. Sucker punched. Taken off guard. Dazed and maybe confused.

Surrender can sometimes feel like these things, but I’m finding it can also lead to life. I’m not talking about a surrender that leaves you voiceless, powerless, and incapable of living free, full and abundant. I’m talking about the kind of letting go that means giving in to goodness, grace, growth, authenticity, and humility – the kind of surrendering that invites us to be our better selves.

It may not be a popular word, but something about it speaks of sloughing off layers that don’t belong to us – layers that were not meant for us. They’re the kind that have kept us bound for too long. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to live that way anymore, bound, resistant, or impotent. So if surrender can mean a breakthrough segue to freedom, then I’ll gladly take it. Even if it means disruption and challenge, surrender can be worth it.

I know this does not mean nor guarantee happy-go-lucky living. I know it does not mean perfection and things going well. If anything, it almost invites and implies the exact opposite. Battles. Gut punches. Guards taken down. A feeling of “what in the world just happened here?” But we choose it anyway. Perhaps, deep in our soul, we know surrender is good for us.  It reshapes our hearts, our perspectives, and maybe our expectations. I need that kind of change in my heart and mind.

Surrendering is the soul’s sigh. It is the heavy, shaky breath you release because you’ve held the tension of it for far too long. It is the ease you feel like sinking into a comfortable rhythm because you’ve allow yourself to relax. It is grace. It is softness. It is life.

Today I want to encourage you to rethink what surrender means. What is it inviting you to? How is it drawing you into fuller and more abundant life? How can you reframe and grow into a better you?

The battle won’t be long. The pain isn’t forever. The punch is revelatory, and I believe our guards we will be restored. In surrender we find we are able to rise again.

How are you surrendering? Tell me your stories. I’d love to hear them.


Linking up with Kate Motaung and the Five Minute Friday crew. The prompt this week is surrender.

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