The Accusation and Freedom

12. April 2017 Holy Week 0

During this Holy Week, I am reflecting on the accusations against Jesus the Christ. He faced ridicule, mockery, unkindness, and betrayal. But Jesus did not let any of this deter him from his purpose. He entrusted himself to God, the Father. He was relentless in living out what God had sent for him to do, and this included the accusations against his divinity, sonship, and his teachings. When I think of what Christ walked through, I immediately know I would have faltered had I been his disciple in those days. But Jesus did not let human fallibility alter his perception and belief in who God called us to be. He already knew who and what we would become – the redeemed.

The weight of accusation would be crushing for anyone of us. Who could stand against the onslaught of character assassination, scorn, and physical angst? I don’t know about you, but I would not have been able to do it. As I reflect on what Jesus did during the passion week, I crumbled with grateful thanks knowing my sin put him there and that he died for me too. I sink under the weight of his glorious love and find his conviction leads to my freedom. My being free cost Christ his life, his blood, his comfort. Jesus took the accusation meant for me and made it as nothing.

Tonight I remember that I am no longer subject to the lies of the accuser. I do not have to agree with the ugliness the devil or anyone else throws my way. I don’t have to catch and keep. I can catch and release. In fact, it is imperative that I discern lie from truth so that I don’t fall prey to legalism and anything else that distorts the identity of redemption God has purchased for me through Christ. I am not obligated to live the lie nor the indictment. I am free.

I repeat this refrain over and over again as I remember the passion of Christ:

I am loved.
I am a child of God.
God is pleased with me.

The accusation can no longer lay claim to me when I choose Christ. I’ve been made new, and I want to live it loud. God has been good to me, and I owe Him my whole life. Be encouraged today friends to press in and hold on to truth. Whatever lie is trying to destroy you, subject it to the light of Christ. Remember as you walk through Holy Week with Christ that you are loved. You are a child of God, and He is pleased with you.

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