The Invitation of Loving

17. February 2017 The Affirmations 0

Hate is easy. You agree to its destructive power to operate from a place of pain because of the hurts you’ve suffered. Hate makes it okay for you to turn your anger toward others rather than deal with the ache that’s burdened you for years. Been there. Done that. It’s time to live in wholeness and freedom. To live from a place of emotional, mental, and spiritual health. This is not new for me but something I want to all of us. The world we live in can be such a harsh place, and it seems we need to repair the breach with one another. Restoration is possible, but we must choose it. Hate cannot keep winning if we are to be united people. 

I see the ramifications of this hate distortion in my work and all around. Maybe you can too. Hurt people hurt people. Free people free people. When we don’t deal with our hurt, things can get ugly really fast. We can railroad longtime relationships and even destroy our land own ability to grow and succeed. There’s something powerful in living from a place of deep and abiding love. I believe love find us and moves us with an irrisistible kindness. Hate can never do that. Hate leads can lead to the death of our humanity. 

Love is the opposite. Love invites you to healing, restoration, grace, redemption. Love says let go of the painful. Love says walk through the pain to get to the healing. Love says examine your heart and your actions. You can’t heal what you refuse to feel.

Love invites you to participate in the inward process of reconciliation. Love undoes the ugliness of soul and transforms it to divine wholeness and beauty. Love wins us over to be all we are called to be by cutting through the pain and calling us from death to life. I don’t know about you, but I want more life.

These are things I remind myself about Mending the Soul. The work of healing and freedom are something I pick up daily. Love is a gentle force that moves us from death to life. From death to life we rise to become the beautiful image of God here on earth.

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