This Is Why We #Love Each Other

Love is another theme coursing it’s way through the 12th chapter of Romans. The call to love is serious business in the kingdom of God. It is His live that changes us, woos us, redeems us, and that saves us. Love has won and continues to win.

We’re not taking about a sexualized, selfish, flighty, toxic, imaginary, leave-you-strand d kind of love. The love of God is strong, sure, steadfast, lavish, and restorative. His love brings out the best in us. And we are called to do the same here on earth. To love like Jesus is revolutionary because it is selfless and honoring. It flies in the face of common expectation. More often than not, it is a love that chooses those who are marginalized, looked over, left out, misplaced, displaced, kicked out, down trodden, hurt, maligned, dejected, rejected, etc. Some people might find that kind of loving offensively uncomfortable, but God? He is more than willing and able to cloak us in love. He steps right into our mess, and walks us right out of it and into who we’re meant to be. We’ve been called to do the same here on the earth.  

The love of God is the kind of love that covers (and calls to repentance and healing and wholeness) all manner of yuck that would disqualify us. It is this love that says, you are worth loving. You are worth saving. It is the love of God that sees straight through the heart of a person – the love most desired in belonging and worthiness. That’s the kind of love I want, need, and desire to give away. 

So friends, let’s love and keep on loving. Let’s honor the people in our sphere of influence.

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