This Is Why You Matter

You’re here. You’re breathing. The rise and fall of your chest as air courses through your lungs is proof enough. You matter. This is why…

God has made you with and for a purpose – to love and be loved, to belong, to be His representative here on the earth. I’m reminded of this as I read through Romans 12. We all have something special to do that only we can do. You have gifts I’ll never have, and I have gifts you’ll never have. They are those gifts the Spirit endows which we do without knowing why or how we are able to do them. We just know we can do them and that we can’t not do them.

The beauty of these words, from Romans 12: 6, tonight is that you matter. You’ve been graced with a gift you can do well. Today is a good day to remember this rock-solid truth. If you’re not sure what that gift is, ask God. I believe He can and will reveal it to you.

Now I pray your faith and confidence rise up. May you be fearless in living out your gifts and calling. May you find strength to persevere. May you have wisdom and discern to know when comparison tries to entrap you. May you keep your eyes on the Prize, and living in the ability God has granted you.

You’re here. You’re breathing. The Spirit of God rises and falls in the folds of your soul causing you to do those good works for which you were made. Live into it, friend. You can do this. God has already equipped you to succeed beyond measure. And what you’ll do can make a difference in our right-now world.

Now go live by just being and let that being become what you do.

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