Though Your Footsteps Were Not Seen

heart recall marvia davidsonCrying, Crying out
Here, I am in distress
There is no solace
My eyes grow weary
I cannot find comfort.

Too troubled to speak
I lie upon this bed, weeping.
Heart Meditating
Will I always be rejected?
Where is His unfailing love?
Has mercy fled my life?

Oh! I must make appeal
Heart, you must remember!
Soul, recall the mighty deeds.
There is none greater than God.
He has not forgotten.
Yes! Mind and soul humbly reflect.

The storm, the storm saw Him
The heavens peeled in thunderous applause
The earth gave way to writhing and shaking
You came with lightening.
Bright glory blazing through the sea
Your foes, my enemies, trembled in shame
Though Your footprints were not seen.

You take my hand
You lead me with calm
You fight for me
I cannot see your footprints
Yet, you are here
You are here

(Morning Reflections from Psalm 77)

2 thoughts on “Though Your Footsteps Were Not Seen”

  • 1
    Jamie Wright Bagley on June 27, 2014 Reply

    Oh. That art piece. It speaks to me as much as the poetry. Well done!

  • 2
    Gayl S. Wright on June 27, 2014 Reply

    Beautiful, Marvia!

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