Unwavering Faith {A Prayer for You}

08. March 2015 Faith, Reframe Rescue 13

wanderlust by amanda sandlin unsplash CC0Sometimes all you have to offer are the embers of your flames.   Sometimes all you have to show for the fight is ashes.  Light seems to be gone.  Hope is waning. Darkness looks like it’s winning.  Courage may even be failing, and you are weary-worn from desperately trying to overcome.

Beloved, this fight isn’t over.  You have breath in your body.  Your story isn’t over yet.  There WILL be life for you.  And so I pray for you to find and have the immutable grace of God flow like a bubbling spring in your heart.  Your faith may waver, but that is okay.

The God you seek is big enough to hold every part of you together in His hands.  Take a moment to pause and relax.  Know in this moment that you are most ardently loved by God.  Nothing will keep you from His great Love.  You can begin again.

 A Prayer for Beginning Again

May the Holy One breathe life into your spirit.
May hope rise within you.
May his Glory overshadow your soul.
May His Light pierce the darkness.
May the candle of your life burn with reverent beauty again.

God give you hope so you can stand.
God grant you grace so you won’t give up.
God give you supreme peace that passes understanding.
May you know deeply that God is for you and
not against you as you move throughout this day.
God protect you.
May you have strength and growing faith for your journey.

lightedcandle marvia davidson

Beloved, you matter. The fight isn’t over.  Don’t you dare give up now.  Grace.  May the grace of God keep you as you continue moving forward.

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Linking up with Lisha Epperson’s #GiveMeGrace community and #ReframeRescue with Jennifer Upton and Esther Emery.  There’s so much goodness and sacred story unfolding in these media spaces.  Come along and see.

13 thoughts on “Unwavering Faith {A Prayer for You}”

  • 1
    Jamie Wright Bagley on March 8, 2015 Reply

    What a beautiful way for me to start the day. I read this first thing and I’m reading it again now. Your prayer breathes grace into all my aches and insecurities. These are faith-strengthening words. Thank you.

    • 2
      Marvia on March 9, 2015 Reply


      Thanks you. You lead the charge by sharing what you know and how you’ve grown. Here’s to knowing Him more deeply and sharing the truth with others!

  • 3
    Martha G. Brady on March 8, 2015 Reply

    your tweetable comment reminds me of that wonderful passage in Colossians 1:15-20 where it talks about how He holds everything together…both in creation and in the church! of course, the context is what He did on the cross to redeem us…both before and after this passage. it is so rich and full of what Christ has done! it does so much to bring us to worship…adds texture to our view of Him!

    thanks so much for your post:)

    • 4
      Marvia on March 9, 2015 Reply

      Yes, that’s one of my fave verses. I come to that often when I feel things or life is out of sorts. I am relieved that God can handle all my life. Thank you for reading!!

  • 5
    Gayl on March 8, 2015 Reply

    Oh, Marvia, this is beautiful! I may just print out your prayer and keep it handy, if you don’t mind. 🙂 What an encouragement it is!

    • 6
      Marvia on March 9, 2015 Reply


      I’m glad you’re encouraged!

  • 7
    lisha epperson on March 8, 2015 Reply

    Beloved, this fight isn’t over. Jesus words I need to hear. This is confirmation of my prayer today. I remembered as long as I’m alive there is hope and God isn’t finished. No, not yet. So much good grace here Marvia. You’re the #GiveMeGrace Wordsmith of the Week!

    • 8
      Marvia on March 9, 2015 Reply


      What an honor! Thank you so much. I pray these words lift hearts and encourage every reader. I appreciate you and your heart! 😉

  • 9
    Chelle/Hisandtheirbeloved on March 9, 2015 Reply

    I am so deeply grateful that Lisha brought me to you. I’ll be holding on to this prayer. It’s the lifeline I’ve been needing when I don’t have my own words.
    Let it be so. Selah and Amen,

    • 10
      Marvia on March 9, 2015 Reply


      Thank you for reading, and I’m glad these words are life affirming. Nodding yes and Selah with you. Grace and peace be with you sister.

    • 11
      Marvia on July 21, 2015 Reply

      Thank you Chelle for reading. I appreciate you! Holding life with you!

      • 12
        Chelle A Wilson on January 20, 2018 Reply

        Wow! Julie knows all the best people. So grateful our paths collided.

        • 13
          Marvia on January 20, 2018 Reply

          Right back at ya! Thanks for reading!

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