Use Your Gift Well

We are all uniquely gifted. Believe that! There’s a thing we are all good at. It’s that thing we do and we excel at it. We can’t not do that thing. Whatever it is you do, do it well. Do it with honor. Do it with grace. Do it with wholeheartedness.

Perhaps as we use our gifts well, we’ll find a deep seated satisfaction that neither money nor pride can satisfy. It’s the kind of feeling we get deep in our soul that we have given the best of ourselves without condition. It is the feeling of knowing our heavenly is pleased with us. Of course He is please with us before we do the work. Because the work, the gift, the doing are never prerequisites from Him for us. They are a by product of our faithfulness. No matter what, God loves you, is pleased with you, and always calls you His child. That’s good news!

Join us for the month of August as we letter through chapters 12 and 13 of the book of Romans. You can following along on Instagram with @LetteredLifeVerse with the tag #renewalthroughRomans.

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