Values {#RealTalk Tuesday}

When you forget you own nice things, you forget your own inherent value. Today I’m resharing a piece I wrote a few years ago with a few revisions. The message ring ms even truer now. We have value, or did you forget that you did? I have. Today I am gently remind to hold space for and activate the divine value placed in me.

Have you forgotten you own nice things – lovely things of value? They are sometimes things you cannot put a price tag on. They are items that belong to you intrinsically. That cannot be taken from you.


Three years ago I was surprised to find clothes I hadn’t worn in several months. These clothes were nice, and I spent good money on them because they made me feel and look good. I forgot I owned them. Because I put them out of eyesight, they weren’t a concern for me. They would have stayed in boxes untouched for a longer time had I not “accidentally” found them while looking for something else. In that moment, a vision for value returned to my heart.

How many of us are living our lives that way waiting for good to come to us? We forgot we had what we needed for successful living. We forgot we carried value in our bones, in our DNA. It was always with us. But we must do something to find those hidden things. We have to expend energy. We have to dig- excavate- deeper.


So many beautiful things lie dormant in us waiting for our breath to inhabit them, to nice them, and even to claim them as our very own. What can we do ?

I say it’s time we uncover our lives and see again the value we have. Here are some things I’m reminding myself again:

1. Don’t be afraid to get to know you and what you really want in life.
2. Take time to peruse the fine print of your own life. Ask yourself what talents and abilities have you given up or let wither just to play the game of life.
3. Plan to use what you have found. After all, it is your gift and only you know how best to use it. Think creatively of how you can re-incorporate the core essence of you into all you set your hands to do.
4. Listen. What has your soul been whispering about value that you’ve been trying to ignore?
5. Above all, don’t let anyone talk you out of it. You have nice things – dreams and visions waiting to be birthed, nourished, and activated. Be fearless. Delve deep.

Remember the hidden things just waiting to found. The rediscovery will astound you. The value you find will be what has always been – a treasure of immeasurable worth.

Now go live by just being and let that being become what you do.


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2 thoughts on “Values {#RealTalk Tuesday}”

  • 1
    Michele Morin on June 24, 2016 Reply

    Stuck on the phrase “peruse the fine print.”
    I think this summer is going to be that kind of experience for me — learning what I’m gifted to do . . .and what I’m clearly not. Thanks for giving me a push into pondering.

    • 2
      Marvia on July 23, 2016 Reply

      All day everyday. It’s what I needed to be doing constantly. 😉

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