Weeping Prayer – A #Compline for Weary, Broken Souls Longing for #Peace

God of all creation we fall before you broken in despair.
Our weeping overwhelms us.
We’ve seen too much of sorrow and are weighted down by anguish.
But you, oh God, are not far off
Come near, oh Lord, and hear our prayer.

Remove from us the stinging ache of pain.
Heal the brokenness in our souls.
Restore peace to us once again.
Balm of Gilead, soothe our hearts, and wipe away our tears.
We are in such desperate need of your holy presence.

Here we are to lay our burdens down.
We pick up your peace and wear it like a crown.
God of heaven lean down tonight and wrap us in your presence.
God of love let your shalom keep us through the night.
God, our Father, watch over us as we sleep.
We commit our souls to you knowing you tenderly care for us.
We trust you God, for you are good.
Give us joy again when we rise.


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