Welcome November

How it is already two months until this year folds into 2018 is beyond me! The time is flying faster these days. We have so much to do and not much time. Life is short, so achingly short, in these times when so much is happening in the earth. We only have these right-now moments to live full and vibrant. Why do we wait for the perfect time? Choose now.

There will probably never be a perfect time to do that thing you’ve been longing to do for a lifetime, so why not start now. Choose today to begin. Honestly, as long as there is breath in your lungs and life in your body, then you have the time. We must create margin, space for these things to come to pass. They don’t just happen in their own. We are invited to live our lives with bold and tenacious grace. What have you been waiting to do? The time is now.

This time last year I was playing with the idea of selling art. I finally launched an Etsy shop in November 2016.

This month I’m doing an art project a day with the Art Everyday Month challenge by Leak Kolidas. it’s so much fun. I’m doing 30 days of round poetry and whatever else I can fit in for creative reprieve. As I ponder this month I want to share these musings with you in a tiny poem I’m calling No-Vember.

No – Vember.

No to complaining without solutions. No to being idle.
No to letting dreams die without a fight.
No to living bored.
No to fear.
No to angst.
No to laziness.
No to faithlessness.
No to busyness.

No and all its cousins chime in…
No siree bubkus.
Veto that.
Uh uh.
Don’t start none won’t be none.
This is my November, and
I’m going to make it count!

I’m saying no to the ugly and cultivating life. How about you? What have you really wanted to say yes to but you keep making flimsy excuses? Yeah, me too. Let’s cut that tomfoolery out right now. Let’s live, and I mean really live!

Here’s to day one of 30 days of making art, saying more yes to good things, saying no when we really don’t want to but need to, and rediscovering who were divinely made and meant to be.

Now, you, go live be just being and let that being come what you do.

Share your thoughts.