What It Means to Be

The signs around me have consistently foreshadowed this message from sermons, secret messages, and conversations on being and belonging to the Marquis that read “identity management.”  I think the message is clear.  I get it.

Well, at least I’m beginning to get it.  I know it began before I was born.  I know it was in me when I was born, but I was not walking it out in life. Since I have begun moving in this writing direction, I have more peace.  It’s settling in.

Self discovery is different for each of us.  We each come to a moment, a fork in the road where we must choose: “what will I be?”  The question really wasn’t “what will I do?” 

What does it really mean to “be”?  This is our topic this week on Real Talk Tuesday. What does this mean for you as your life unfolds?

We’d love for you to join us.   Poem, Song, Essay, Story, Blog Post, or Photo Essay – share the words and images that speak of truth. Your voice will be heard here. We’re ready to hear your stories. We honor each voice here.

All we ask is that you keep it G/PG,  share your post, comment on the person before you or after you, and share the link up.  As always may our words be seasoned with salt and grace.  May our words empower, encourage, and equip.


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4 thoughts on “What It Means to Be

  1. “We each come to a moment, a fork in the road where we must choose: “what will I be?” The question really wasn’t “what will I do?” ” We so often identify ourselves by what we do rather than who we really are. Thanks, Marvia, you are always encouraging.

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