When Grace Wrecks You {31 Days}

grace mdavidsonDo unto others as you want them to do unto you. The Golden Rule is truth. When it plays out in your life, it changes the way you relate to people around you. The longer I walk with Jesus, the more I am wrecked by His extravagant grace. I don’t mean wrecked as in life falling apart, things turning out badly, or as an unrecoverable accident. I mean wrecked in the way that unconditional love is restored, defenses against being intimately known by God and others fall down, and I experience what I thought I never deserved. When grace wrecks you, restoration of all things is birthed.

Grace is unmerited favor. It is getting what you do not deserve. Grace is extravagantly lavish and no respecter of persons. Over the last few months, I have been meditating on the power and transformative nature of grace. It isn’t about taking advantage of a person’s good nature or kindness. It’s not about being a walked-all-over carpet. It’s about receiving favor in spite of who we are. It is the powerful connection that draws out the best in us. It is the invitation to live into who we’re meant to divinely be.

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Before you think this is mumbo-jumbo foolishness, think about that last time grace wrecked you. Was it that moment you lashed out at someone and received kindness in return – kindness that subverted the ugliness in your heart? Was it that time you attempted retaliation, raring to go, only to drop your weapons of hurling hurt because you were arrested by loving grace? Tell me. Was it the day you railed against family and friends who loved you, but you received patient grace instead? When grace wrecks you, the baser nature is overruled and captured.

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I don’t know about you, but the soulish human part of me is humbled and drawn to repentance when I’m confronted in grace. It makes me put down my defenses. It makes me think differently. It arrests the side of me that wants to lash out. It causes me to want to be gracious. I want grace, but I also want to give grace. The more I see it playing out in my life, the less likely I’ve been to be less kind, patient, or loving.

despite marvia davidsonI’ll be real with you friends. The more I get grace, the less inclined I am to want to hold on to hurt, the side eye, the crazy stares of disdain, and the ugliness of resentment. I’ll keep on giving those things up because they don’t come from Christ. In God, I am always invited to freedom, to life, to hope, joy, love, to restoration, and peace. I’m wrecked by grace in all the best ways because there’s nothing I do to deserve it. It is a gift I cannot earn, and it changes me from the inside out. It is a kindness that births in me an honest, holy desire to live like the Son in every part of my life.

Unmerited favor has been extended to me many times. I want to extend that same grace because I believe it will change this world and me. I imagine work places, personal space, and relationships all made different and better because of the practice of grace.

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This post is a part of my 31 Days of Writing challenge. It’s also the start of the second half of the lemonade stories. There are far more stories to tell and moments of when to live through.  It’s all about taking the sour things of life and reframing them to find the sweetness of faith, hope, and resilience. I hope you’ll join me on this month-long journey.  You’ll also find me sharing bits and pieces on my Twitter and IG accounts. I’d love to see you here, and you can also subscribe to my blog/newsletter here.

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