When Life Threatens to Overtake You {31 Days}

imageI was knee deep in work when it happened. I took a glance at my phone thinking I’d check the time and plan the rest of my project accordingly. Instead I found a text message. “This is so-and-so on behalf of your loved-one (insert whomever that would be to you). Emergency.” My heart began to pound quickly. I made a phone call, shut down the computer, and went to see what was going on. I didn’t bother reading the entire message. I saw emergency, and it set me into action. When life threatens to overtake you, holding faith becomes the tether to hope.

As my mind raced and I drove as quickly as I could, I tried not to imagine the worst-case scenario. I’d been down this road before. Routine check ups turning into all-of-a-sudden emergency room visits had occurred previously. It was scary then, and it was scary this time. I was on high alert, but I also knew that I had to pray so that fear and anxiety would not take over. In that moment, life was threatening to fall apart. I was feeling myself unravel.

Rather than freak out and lose it, I immediately thought of friends I could reach out to. I sent messages to friends, and they immediately began to pray and encourage me. I was not alone, and my anxious soul began to be quieted. When life threatens to overtake you, prayer becomes a powerful tool. Having community, though, gave me strength to face the unknown. No one came physically came to my aid. No one showed up at my door. No one called. It didn’t matter that these prayer warring women spanned the nation – literally. Their prayers mattered. They stood in the gap for my loved one and me. I was not alone, and was grateful to be able to have friends I could reach out to.

Prayer knows no distance. Prayer is not deterred by lack of physical presence. Prayer is powerful. Even when all hell is breaking loose around us, prayer can keep us grounded. I can’t explain the how; I just know that it works because God hears. He shows up. His presence comforts us and allays our fears.

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In moments like this I think how bitterly sour life can be, but in these moments I can still choose hope. It’s not some whimsical, happy-go-lucky, flight of fancy. It is an inner contentment that God is my steel, my hope, and my eternal expectation. There isn’t anything I will walk through that is a surprise to Him. I hold faith, trust, and confidence in Him. I choose to believe that somehow, someway He will make this bitterness a blessing, the tumult into triumph, and the destruction into beauty. When life threatens to overtake you, choose hope. It changes your perspective. It gives your soul quiet anticipation.

Tonight I say these words again. “Oh, my soul, be still now. Be still now, and know God is here. His presence is with me. The cloud of saints supports me. Hush now. Be still. God is near.” I pray the same for you.

If your heart is weary, worn, anxious, or overwhelmed, may there be peace upon you now.

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This post is a part of my 31 Days of Writing challenge. It’s all about taking the sour things of life and reframing them to find the sweetness of faith, hope, and resilience. I hope you’ll join me on this month-long journey.  You’ll also find me sharing bits and pieces on my Twitter and IG accounts. I’d love to see you here, and you can also subscribe to my blog/newsletter here.

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