When There Are No More Words {31 Days}

For tonight’s entry of The Lemonade Stories, I look back on songs I’ve written. The words of the song I’m sharing tonight sit with me tonight as I ponder the heaviness of life and how it all seems so hard. I know I must pray and hold faith, but it feels like I’m running out of words. When there are no more words, I choose to hold faith and lean in. While I know this isn’t true (that my words have ceased), I also know I need to listen to my heart’s cry. Today I’m choosing hope. 

So tonight, I pause to remember the mercy of God. I pause to remember the goodness of God that I have seen in the land of the living. I consider all the many ways He has held me together. I wrote this song a few years ago and made a very rough demo. The goal wasn’t so much the demo, but the expression of prayer formed in song from my soul. It is a whisper of prayer to make it through the tough times.

God Arise Marvia Davidson

I often think of the Psalms when words fail me. There are so many that speak of sorrow and ache, of weariness and despair, of hope and restoration. The Psalms remind me that in the walking out of faith with God, we must be real and honest with Him and with others. God is not afraid of our emotions, our raggedy edges, or the depths of our pain and joy. He gets it and loves when we reach into Him and talk to Him about all that is going on within us. God loves us most ardently friends! I’ll tell that even our broken sighs are prayers He understands.

Maybe you don’t have the words tonight. Maybe you feel you’ve exhausted all your hope. Maybe your heart is shattered. Beloved, you are NOT without hope. God sees you. God is listening. If all you have to offer are sighs and tears, give those to Him. He understands. I pray the Spirit of God come upon you and restore all hope, joy, love, and peace. May your heart be renewed and your body restored. May your spirit rise up refreshed. May you deeply know the love of God even now.

gods heartbeat for us by marvia davidson

When There Are No More Words

When there are no more words
Your tears and sighs remain
When I’ve lost my way
And the day is dark

Holy Spirit come.
Jesus, won’t you come

On my knees I’m crying out
Heavy sorrow it weighs my heart
Jesus come
Spirit come
Lift my prayer to heaven

Jesus come
Spirit come
Lift my eyes to heaven

I know you’ll come
You will hear this prayer
My feeble words
Will reach your ears

I know you will come
This I must believe
I am holding on
To your every word

So, come
So, come

He lifts our deepest, darkest heart cry to Abba Father
He knows the weakness of our frame
He knows that we are but flesh
And we can only watch
And wait and seek His face

He hears
He comforts
He restores.

He hears
He comforts
He restores.

Marvia Davidson
Copyright 2011

Here my rough track of No More Words on Sound Cloud here. You can here other songs I’ve written here. Thank you for coming along with me on this journey of making the sour things of life sweeter by holding faith and standing in hope.

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