When There Is Light in the Darkness

The people who sat in darkness have seen a Great Light. This Light is our Advent hope. Maybe you feel you cannot be redeemed. Maybe you think you’ve been disqualified.

Perhaps your heart is burdened by the heaviness of grief and sorrow. Maybe you’re squealing with delightful joy because you’ve had a beautiful reversal. Just know this… You, beloved, are wanted as you are this Christmas Eve. Come.

Come with all your bruises and boo boos. Come with all you have no matter how little or how much you have to offer. Come. See what Love has done.

The darkness cannot win. Light has broken upon our dawn. Love has spoken in the form of a heavenly King who slipped to earth in human flesh. This. This is our eternal hope.

Pause and wait in awestruck wonder. Divinity has clothed Himself in humanity. He has become one of us. Our Advent is rising upon the earth. Hope has broken upon our dawn.


Come and see what Love has done. Light is shining in the darkness.
May you feel wrapped in love’s embrace this glorious Christmas Eve.

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