When the Word Strikes A Nerve

It gets under your skin and makes you shift from side to side in your soul. It’s the kind of shift you resistantly welcome. That’s how I’m feeling as unread chapter 13 of Romans. It is striking all kind of nerves. Yikes! But often this is what the word of God does. It cuts away any and everything that causes us to act out of character or contrary to his calling for us.

Think of it like a temporary ouch. It’s stings and smarts for only a moment; yet we hold on to His truth because we know it is life and health to us. It gives us wisdom for how to live abundantly.

What strikes me most is the invitation of God woven throughout the Bible. An invitation to love, be loved, and be a kingdom conduit. We always get to choose. We have the option to follow or not follow. To accept or decline the invitation is up to each one of us. I don’t know about you, but I want to follow Him and live well. If I want to see change happen, I’m willing to obey what he commands because I know it’s for my good.

Today’s verse focus, number 3, verse highlights the transformation that happens when we do what is right. We will be honored. And more importantly, God will be honored. So let’s keep doing the next right thing. Does it mean it’ll turn out how we want? I don’t know, but I know when we follow his ways he makes all things well and right. I’ll trust him to move in the hearts of people just as he’s moving in mine.

Whew!!! Till then, let’s not grow weary when the Lord confronts us about how we’re living and representing him on the earth.

Tell me your stories. I’d love to hear them.

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