Worth and Value {Affirming Fridays}

23. September 2016 Affirming Fridays 0

It’s Affirming Fridays!!! Let’s speak life into the lifeless things that need to be revived. What truth do you need to affirm over your life today?

Good word for today. And maybe you need to hear it too. Your worth and value are NOT based on other people’s opinions about you. Got it?! Believe it. Throw off words that don’t belong to you. Go ahead. You’ve got permission to do so. Now… Take a deep breath and breathe in life, hope, faith, and love. Affirm the truth so you can live free.

Here’s what else I affirm today about worth and value because maybe you need to know. Today that you are beautiful. Repeat after me; “I am beautiful. I am beautiful by design. I have worth. I have value.” These are gifts from God to me. They are irrevocable.

How about you? What has worth and value come to mean to you? Even in the darkness we can unearth shreds of Light and life.

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