You are Extraordinary {Real Talk Tuesday}

Over the weekend, I read something very powerful. My friend Abby Norman, of the Accidental Devo blog, wrote an article called, We Are  Hamiltons. In it she talks a bit about Lin-Manuel Miranda and his creation of the Broadway smash hit Hamilton. I have not seen it nor heard the soundtrack. But reading Abby’s story made me want to take a listen. Aside from talking about the song lyrics and the play, she hits on something I think is powerful and affirming. Nothing we do is a surprise to God. We are not boring to Him. 

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Abby reminds us that we are God’s creation, and  we are made for good works! What I love most about her post is the reminder that God is not annoyed with us. God loves us so much and delights in us when we live into say who He has called us to be whether it’s artistic, creative, businessy, sporty, writerly, etc. So today I remember that I am extraordinary. You are extraordinary. We are extraordinary.

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Each of us is called to do good works that God intended for us to do. And we need to do them uniquely and in a way that allows us to express who we are and who were created to be. Sometimes it’s in the way we do our work. Sometimes it’s in the side hustle. Sometimes it’s in the way we interact with others. Other times it’s in the things we produce and share with our communities of the world.
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So today friends, I want to encourage you to remember that you are extraordinary. Whether you are working behind-the-scenes or in front of the stage, in front of thousands or in front of one, whether your work is seen or unseen, know this: the work you do matters. God has gifted you to do good work, so go do it!  Don’t worry about the naysayers who there still learning to figure out who they are and what they’re called to do. Don’t let their inability to see their own worth and value sidetrack you or keep you from doing that thing in your heart that won’t let you go.

You do you all day everyday! You be all God created you to be! Remember more than anything; else God loves you. He loves you. He loves you!!! And when you do the thing beating in your heart to do, it brings Him great delight. Just remember God is pleased with you as you show up and be all he made you to be. You are loved and wanted by Him.

Whisper these words as an encouraging, repetitive refrain:

“I am extraordinary.
I am made for good works.
I do good work.
God loves me much.”

God is not annoyed with us. All day, everyday, speak these gentle words. Click To Tweet

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3 thoughts on “You are Extraordinary {Real Talk Tuesday}”

  • 1
    Gayl on June 14, 2016 Reply

    Marvia, your thoughts today are so encouraging and uplifting! Thank you for sharing your words. Blessings to you, dear sister! xo

    • 2
      Marvia on June 16, 2016 Reply

      Thank you Gayl!

  • 3
    Michele Morin on June 14, 2016 Reply

    You’re sounding like the Apostle Paul in Romans 12 — having then gifts differing according to the grace given to us, LET US USE THEM! I always smile when I read that.

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